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The ASL GRP (Air Sea Land Group) is an armor manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience in the security and defence industry.

We are specialists in the manufacturing lightweight ballistic and blast protection, for armored vehicles, marine vessels including superyachts, and high-risk compound protection. We supply to both the public and private sector.
Our extensive knowledge in high-strength, lightweight materials, allows us to manufacture bespoke components to provide you with a protection solution across numerous platform. ASL GRP offer full project management of armoring and protection projects; from initial concept and design, to full production and worldwide delivery. Visit our gallery to see just a few of our projects.

Using the latest machinery and our unique skill set, all of our products are designed and manufactured with pin-point accuracy. Our materials are used for front line protection every day and the ASL team takes pride in the fact that our products save lives.

Our capabilities:

Whilst we cannot eliminate the risk of an attack, our expertise in the defence and security industry along with trusted, high quality products, can reduce the likelihood of injury, loss of life and/or possessions.

Our bespoke vehicle armor kits have been supplied to various Police forces across Europe and the UK.

We can supply our protective materials in varying weights and thickness, dependent on the required level of protection. Some of our materials lend themselves better to certain requirements and following a brief survey, our expert team can advise which materials are best suited to your project. See our ballistic data table for protection levels.

Our materials can accommodate ballistic protection levels from small-arms fire up to armour-piercing rounds.

Contact our sales department to discuss your security requirements +44 (0)1983 400730.