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Extra security measures for added peace of mind  – Event venues  •  Conferences  •  Festivals  •  Terminals

There is a need to make organised events as accessible as possible, however, those responsible for event security must ensure that robust protective security measures have been taken. Our event security products will help you do just that, and are available to rent.

Legion Blast Panels

ASL‘s Legion Blast and Ballistic Panels are manufactured from a fibre reinforced, woven material, providing multi-hit protection from fragments.

Uniform protection is provided by the entire panel, which can be supplied in a variety of thicknesses to meet different levels of threat. The panels are a structural material that can be attached to walls as an over-clad system. We also provide the panels with stand-alone supporting frame work to create a temporary mobile structure. Installation is quick and cost-effective. The material has the ability to accept a standard decorative finish.

Our standard panel size is 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft), although larger panel sizes can be accommodated.

Blast Resistant Litter Bins

The inner bag will hold the suspect device in place. The container has a marked datum point on the outside face, designed to assist the bomb disposal team in scanning and determining the threat and appropriate action required.

These blast containers have been tested to 200g and 500g of PE4 explosive (dependent on bin size) by independent authorities.These containers are designed to be used in an open area.

We are able to offer two sizes of blast containers, with lid if required.

Blast Containers

Our Blast Containers can be used to contain any suspicious item found on site (for example; a backpack or handbag, parcel or package) whilst awaiting the arrival of a bomb disposal team. The container is designed to protect people and property from a blast and fragmentation that may occur in the event a suspect device explodes.

Should a suspected explosive device activate within the bin, the blast will be directed in an upward direction, however, the sides of the bin will contain most of the blast fragmentation.

The containers can be placed around your venue and/ or in areas that may be considered of higher risk. More discreet colours are available.

Blast Suppression Blankets

Blast Suppression Blankets (BSBs) with safety circle are designed to suppress the blast fragmentation from an improvised explosive device contained in a small package. The BSBs are independently tested to 400m/s and 500m/s fragments. The safety circle should be placed around the suspect item and then the BSB is carefully placed over the safety circle surrounding the device. Should the device detonate, the safety circle will flex and contain the device fragments.

BSB’s are manufactured using multiple layers of ballistic material enclosed in a heavy-duty nylon cover. These blankets are supplied with lifting straps and a bag for ease of transportation.