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As RIBs and fast patrol boats are often open and exposed, it is vital that engines are protected, providing a valuable escape from hostile situations. ASL GRP are able to manufacture both rigid and flexible protection options for outboard (and inboard) engines. The covers are designed specifically for your craft ensuring the greatest percentage of coverage possible, whilst maintaining full functionality.

Constructed from our Legion Aramid, the flexible covers have a water resistant casing and are customised to meet the clients required specifications.

Rigid covers can be manufactured to higher protection levels if required.

  • Removable protection covers
  • No adjustment required to OEM parts
  • Constructed from ballistic materials
  • 3D moulded armour option available for higher levels of protection 
  • Option of 2 levels of protection for flexible cover – up to NIJ III+ / BR4+ (AK47 round)


10mm 8.2kg per m2 NIJ IIIA / BR4
14mm 14kg per m2 NIJ III+ / BR4+


Ballistic engine cover