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ASL have designed ballistic doors, suitable for the protection of personnel, property and high value assets.

We design and manufacture all doors at our facilities on the South Coast of the United Kingdom and we offer a range of bespoke, certified security doors.

Our doors offer protection from 9mm handguns up to 7.62mm high caliber rifles and are designed to offer a discreet protection system, to blend in with an existing building or compound. Unlike existing security doors, our doors are all manufactured using a mix of ballistic armours and timber to provide a discreet first line of defence.

All our ballistic doors are supplied hung in a hardwood armoured frame with a lacquer or veneered finish and can be fire rated upon request. We can replicate doors from any period, with direct replacements fitted in their place. Our ballistic doors can sit internally or externally and are commonly used in banks, embassies and high profile buildings.

Ballistic Door Protection Levels:

  • FB2 / BR2 / NIJ IIA (9mm Handgun)
  • FB4 / BR4 / NIJ IIIA (.44 Magnum revolver)
  • FB6 / BR6 / NIJ III (7.62 x 51)

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