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ASL GRP have developed products to aid in the protection of RIBs and fast patrol boats from small firearms.


Ballistic protection for outboard engines

As RIBs and fast patrol boats are often open and exposed, it is vital that engines are protected, providing a valuable escape from hostile situations. ASL GRP are able to manufacture both rigid and flexible protection options for outboard (and inboard) engines. The covers are designed specifically for your craft ensuring the greatest percentage of coverage possible, whilst maintaining full functionality.

  • Removable covers
  • No adjustment required to OEM parts
  • Constructed from ballistic protective materials
  • 3D moulded option availablefor  higher levels of protection

See the table at the bottom of the page for protection levels. Call us for further information and quotes: +44 (0)1983 400730.

RIB tube protection blanket

This appliqué (add-on) ballistic protection blanket consists of ASL GRP’s Legion Flexi Armour encapsulated in a PVC covering. The blanket is deployable with the rapid fixing method. All blankets are made bespoke to your requirements. The blanket cover is there to protect the rib tube from deflation as well as protecting the vessel’s occupants.

We understand that tere is not much room to add ballistic protection on the side areas of such small vessels, but this system allows the occupants to crouch down and take cover from small arms fire.

  • Lightweight protection
  • Removable system
  • Protection up to 7.62x39mm (BR4+ / assault rifle ammunition)

The protection blanket can be designed for either a D-shaped, or a conventional full tube. The base material of the design is taken from ASL GRP‘s Legion Flexi Armour.

The cover is made up in several sections depending on the length of the vessel. It can be moulded to the shape of the bow section, where each section is joined with our Velcro system.  This allows an overlap that gives you ballistic protection even on the joints.

The blanket is secured to the vessel using adjustable strapping. The cover can be manufactured in most carbon colours and to two different levels of protection, depending on what your potential threat is (please see chart below). The cover is finished in a sealed, waterproof PVC material.

Blanket thickness Weight per m2 Protection level
10mm 8.3kg NIJ lllA / BR4
14mm 14kg NIJ III+

Call us for further information and quotes: +44 (0)1983 400730.