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Legion Flexi Armour is manufactured from a high-strength, ballistic material.

Unlike pressed, rigid armours, Legion Flexi Armour provides uniform protection from low calibre rounds, including handguns and light machine-guns. It is commonly used for vehicle protection in door apertures, under floors or behind engine bulkheads where it is difficult to fit rigid protection.

Legion Flexi Armour provides excellent fragment protection, and is abrasion and chemical resistant.

Provide protection against:

  • Level 1: Fragment velocity 1,312ft/sec (400m/sec) V50 standard
  • Level 2: Fragment velocity 1,640ft/sec (500m/sec) V50 standard
  • BR1 (.22 Rifle)
  • BR2 (9mm Lugar)
  • BR4 (.44 Magnum)
  • 2 x DM51 grenade

See protection level table here.

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T5 flexi-armour, vehicle protection
Highlighted area of where ballistic blankets can be used