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Ceramitech has been designed by ASL GRP for higher level protection, specifically against Stanag level II and level III.

Ceramic armour

ASL’s Ceramitech Advanced Ceramics armour system is designed to defeat armour piercing rounds and other high level projectiles. This armour system is most commonly used within vehicle and marine protection.

The ceramic panels are externally clad to a vehicle or vessel to provide an add-on (appliqué) armour system against high powered armour piercing rounds.

Panels are designed to stand-off from the original vehicle to create an air-gap between the ceramic panels and the OEM skin, to provide an increased level of protection and allow the material to de-laminate and catch any fragments that may occur.

Ceramic panels can be manufactured to any provided drawing or CAD file. ASL offer a full templating service on all new vehicles or vessels.

  • Multi-hit protection
  • Thickness 18mm to 40mm
  • Performance is maintained even in very high or low temperature environments

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