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Add-on armour or appliqué armour panels can be externally clad to a vehicle or vessel to provide extra protection against high powered armour piercing rounds.

Our panels are designed to stand-off from the original vehicle to create an air-gap between the armour and the OEM skin, providing an increased level of protection and allow the material to de-laminate and catch any fragments that may occur. Our suggested materials for appliqué armour would be our High Hard Steel products or Ceramitech ceramic armour.

Panels can be manufactured to any provided drawing or CAD file. ASL offer a full templating service on all new vehicles or vessels.



  • STANAG 4569 Levels 2-4 (and equivalent)
  • Stand-alone and add-on armour (AOA) options
  • AOA options can be designed to work with or without a ballistic / spall liner solution

Typically a ceramic or steel strikeface to shatter the projectiles in combination with a composite absorber.

Modular and scaleable

For vehicle sides in its current form. Can be adapted for the front of vehicles or turrets. A universal mounting plate is attached to the vehicle hull which absorbs IED fragmentation and allows for the attachment and rapid re-configuration of other Assero elements.

3 levels available:

1 – STANAG 2-3 and IED fragments
2 – Heavy machine gun up to STANAG 4 plus IED fragments
3 – Heavy machine gun, IED and RPG (also possible STANAG 5 and 30mm from frontal arc)

Levels 1 and 2 accept bar armour system for dudding of RPG warheads.

Level 1 An ultra-high hardness ballistic steel plate attached to the Assero universal mounting plate. 20mm thick per side.

Level 2 A composite box is attached to the mounting plate. This box contains a steel disruptor. Bar armour can be attached to the box if required. 100m thick per side.

Level 3 A composite box contains special NERA (Non-Explosive Reactive Armour) elements arranged in a proprietary fashion which disrupt both ballistic projectiles as well as the jet from shape charge weapons such as RPGs. 300-350mm thick per side. The contents of the Level 3 box can be changed to suit requirements. The box can be a flat, square monolithic block or a chevron shaped pattern.