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The ASL GRP Ultra-Blanket is based on combat proven body armour technology and offers dramatic weight reductions (typically 40% lighter) over traditional fragmentation protection.

The Ultra Blankets also offer improved environmental durability.

The ASL GRP Ultra Blanket is much more resistant to the effects of humidity, moisture and UV exposure than standard materials making it ideally suited to light weight protected vehicle applications. 

Bomb blankets made from Ultra-Blankets are supplied in ASL GRP’s standard rugged nylon cover, with handling straps and hook-and-loop strapping for storage.

Typically 40% lighter than traditional woven blankets for the same fragment V50*

  • Ultra-high strength fibres arranged in a non-crimp weave
  • Is not degraded by humidity or moisture
  • Flexible and drapable
  • Ideally suited to covert armoured vehicles


ASL GRP’s Ultra Blanket is available in the following performance levels for IED suppression:

  • 300/400/500/600ms-1
  • Under-floor blast protection up to 2x DM51
  • Handgun protection

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