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As the electric vehicle (EV) market expands, so too does the theft and vandalism of EV charging cables.

With the number of charging stations having more than doubled in the past 10 years, theives and vandals are taking the opportunity to strip the chargers of their copper wires. Although the wiring may not be as valuable to a thief as envisaged, the cost of replacement to the charging companies is spiralling. And, the reliability of the charging network is being heavily compromised.

ASL GRP’s Flexible Anti-Cut https://lnkd.in/efFwpFEK can not only be installed into vehicle skin to snag hand-held power cutting blades, this same protection system can be used to wrap wiring – and more specifically EV charging cables. The ASL GRP system significantly increases protection time against theft. We are also able to offer an internal alarm system, which alerts a monitored app, when the flexible panels are attacked.

At approximately 1.5kg per m2, the make up of the panels are constructed from a woven ballistic material (used in our Flexi-Armour) used in our lower level protective armour products.

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