Over half of all tool thefts from a vehicle occur at night, with thefts most commonly occurring while the vehicle is parked overnight at the tradesperson’s home or in a car park.  But thieves are taking more risks, and day-time break-ins are on the rise.

Tool theft has a massive financial impact on tradespeople:

  • The cost of replacing tools
  • Lost business
  • Stunted business growth
  • Mental stresses

For the everyday tradesperson (and commercial vehicles), ASL GRP offer the convenient Flexible Anti-Cut panels. At approximately 1.5kg per m2, the make up of the panels are constructed from a woven ballistic material (used in our Flexi-Armour) used in our lower level protective armour products. With our panels installed behind the vehicle skin, any hand-held cutting power blade will snag, rendering the tool useless in cutting further through the protected vehicle/compound skin.This new system significantly increases protection time against theft.


Each flexible panel is manufactured to bespoke sizes – taken from templates of your required vehicle or wall. The panels sits inside the skin of a vehicle wall, and can be hidden behind interior lining. 

We are also able to offer panelling with an internal alarm system, which alerts a monitored app, when the flexible panels are attacked. Call us today to discuss how we can install our system into your vehicle: +44 (0)1983 400730.


Legion Anti-Cut