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Over the past few years we have seen a rise in requirements for superyacht protection. Choosing which armour system and selecting the areas to protect, are very customer specific. The protected area can be already established by the owner and rep, designer or fit-out company. It may vary from a single safe room, master suite, armouries, wheelhouse, crew area, key operational areas, or simply the area in which most time is spent in.

A key part of the evaluation and design process that ASL GRP offer, can be to help establish the key cruising areas, areas of operation of the vessel and then to assess which will likely be the most beneficial positions to armour and level of protection required.

As with many things build projects – the different armour materials ASL GRP offer are better suited for different applications and come in differing weight-to-budget levels.

High Hard Steel for example, can be an excellent material for protecting assets against a range of high level threats. However, it does come with weight penalties, and is far less versatile.

Lighter weight materials usually equates to a material being more expensive. Our Legion Polyethylene is a lightweight material that offers high level of protection. It is best suited to the requirements of superyacht armouring. ASL GRP’s Legion Polyethylene can offer protection against 7.62mm ammunition, which is used in the AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifle. The AK47 is the most common rifle in the world and the typical weapon of modern-day pirates.

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Following a brief yacht survey, ASL GRP’s expert team can advise which materials are best suited to different areas of a vessel. This largely comes down to operational profile, as there are different threat levels in different areas of the world.

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