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One of the most important factors to take into account when armouring tenders or crew boats, is weight. ASL GRP’s most suited armour for this platform is Legion Polyethylene. It offers considerable weight advantages over traditional ballistic protection and is able to be moulded into the required shape.

Ideally, being involved in the build process of a vessel would be beneficial (protection can be incorporated into the design), but ASL GRP has undertaken the ‘up-armouring’ of such vessels in order to maintain the safety of guests and employees.

Suggested areas to protect for tenders or crew boats:

  • Outboard cowlings
  • Consoles
  • Wheelhouses, helm or cockpit area
  • Windows / screens (ballistic glass)
  • Crew area

Protection solutions exist both for limo tenders and for more open sports boats or RIBs thanks to the bespoke composites that we offer.

A limo style tender would be relatively easy to up-armour. For example, tenders with parallel bench seats, could potentially have the seat backs up-armoured and head height glazing. 

If you’re on an open RIB or tender with minimal protection, what you’re relying on is the ability to get away quickly.

With an inboard engine, we can create a protective surround, so the client ends up with a safe area within the tender and also a protected engine – a crucial element to ensure you can make a getaway. With outboard engines we can manufacture protective covers to fit.

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