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ASL GRP has developed the Folding Blast Container. A lightweight, easy to assemble and store, containment vessel. The foldable container enables the user to contain a suspect explosive device while awaiting the arrival of a bomb disposal team. Designed to withstand and contain blast and fragments from an explosive device containing up to 200g of PE4, the product is flexible and considerably lighter than a standard Blast Containment Bin. When folded into its storage position, the container will fit in the spare tyre compartment of any vehicle. Ideal for the emergency services, security and defence units or large capacity venues.

flexible anti-cut armourFollowing feedback and bespoke orders from private and commercial companies, ASL GRP is also launching its new Flexible Anti-Cut Armour. This new product is manufactured using the brand’s bespoke Legion Flexi-Armour. This new soft armour is cleverly constructed to significantly increase protection time against hand-held power cutting blades. This development offers a lightweight and agile alternative to other rigid flat armours on the market. The Flexible Anti-Cut Armour can also be tailored to fit into spaces where a flat panel armour maybe more difficult to install. Flexible Anti-Cut is ideal for use in Police, prison and fire response vehicles, security and delivery or cash-in-transit fleets. ASL GRP has just completed an order for a fleet of 22 Mercedes Sprinter cash-in-transit vans.

Jonathon Diffey, Founder and Managing Director of ASL GRP, comments, “We are proud to launch these new products, further highlighting the superior quality and bespoke capabilities of our armour systems designed and manufactured at ASL GRP. Although we hope our protective solutions will never be needed, we understand the need for bespoke and high performing protection, developed with our extensive knowledge and experience across the industry.”

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