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With further rapid growth in orders since the beginning of 2019, ASL GRP are expanding, and moving production to a larger factory on the Isle of Wight. With such an expanse, there has been a need to take on further production staff in both our soft armour, and composite departments. ASL GRP have seen orders for marine armour and vehicle protection kits increase substantially.

“The new production facility will give us the extra space we need to complete the larger jobs we have brought in. Our new team members have already made a great impression. We have also bought further equipment to accommodate the increase in soft armour requirements.” said Jon Diffey, ASL GRP’s Managing Director.

The new factory is set further into the Isle of Wight countryside, with no neighbouring businesses, more outdoor space (which became apparent was needed within a few months of being at the Merstone site). There is now easier access for deliveries and the larger vehicles that ASL GRP often have to take on site.

“Moving has been a large-scale, but swift operation. Production on current projects has not ceased, as we are working on two sites.”

“We are also in the middle of constructing another office – all custom built. It will include open plan office, kitchen, bathroom, conference room and an outdoor decked area. Inside the factory building we shall have a display area for visiting clients to see a broader range of our work.”