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At ASL GRP we are pleased to announce that we will be working with Polish company SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd, armouring a fleet of Scania public order (water cannon) vehicles.

Established in 1992, SZCZĘŚNIAK is one of the leading manufacturers of special vehicles for police, military, fire brigades, and civilian services. The company was created in recognition of the need of more professional fire fighting equipment and vehicles, following the largest fire in post-war history. The fire resulted in 15 fire vehicles being destroyed, 2000 people injured, and almost 10,000 hectares of land destroyed.

ASL GRP has over 30 years’ experience in the armour, security and defence industry. Specialists in the manufacture of lightweight ballistic and blast protection, ASL GRP designs and manufactures protection for armoured vehicles, marine vessels and high-risk compound protection.

Combining SZCZĘŚNIAK’s many years of experience in the automotive industry, specialised staff, with ASL GRP’S knowledge in lightweight, high-strength ballistic materials, the fleet of public order vehicles will be armoured with Attack Resistant Composite (ARC).

ARC armour is a structural composite designed to absorb impact from projectiles (bricks, hammers, pick-axes, Molotov cocktails), protecting both the occupants and exterior of a vehicle in hostile situations. Our ARC panels are made bespoke and can fit a variety of different applications.

ARC features:

  • Shot-gun resistant
  • Class A fire retardant – ideal protection from petrol bombs
  • Panels can be manufactured colour specific to the customer’s requirements
  • Direct replacements for original wings and bonnets and over clad system for doors, side panels and roofs
  • Lightweight (6kg per m2)

“2019 has seen ASL GRP’s production increase rapidly in both the vehicle and marine sectors, forcing the acquisition of a larger facility and additional staff.” Quotes Jonathon Diffey, MD of ASL GRP. “TheSZCZĘŚNIAK contract is the first project to be undertaken at our new facility, and we hope this is the beginning of another successful business relationship.”


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