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ASL GRP’s materials held against our first round of DTG5 testing.

The grenade was a ‘DTG5’ from the UK Home office PAS300 and VSAG12 test standards (CAST / CPNI).

This device is significantly more challenging than the usual 2xDM51 grenade solutions and until this ASL trial (Oct 2018) no 3D mouldable solutions were available. Typically this threat needs more than ½” of high strength, non-weldable aluminium to stop the ball bearings at a standoff of 300mm. The ASL test used a standoff of only 90mm, more representative of a VIP saloon car. The ASL solution is also non-magnetic (no sticky bombs) and can be deployed externally to protect the entire underbelly (and automotive components such as fuel lines, brake pipes etc) of a vehicle as well as being moulded internally.

The DTG5 grenade is a ‘worst case’ surrogate device designed to be at least an equivalent to the less repeatable (and less widely available to test establishments) HG85 and M67 grenades. Test footage is available to view on our Testing page.

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